January 13-15

IRDiRC Conference and RE(ACT) Congress. Virtual Edition. Information: website: https://www.react-congress.org

February 19-20

253th ENMC International Worksop on Skeletal Muscle Laminopathies. Virtual Meeting. Information: website: www.ENMC.org; email: enmc@enmc.org

February 28 

Rare Disease Day. Information: website: https://ern-euro-nmd.eu

March 5-11

ICHG 2021 – International Conference of Human Genetics. Cape Town, South Africa. Information: website: www.ichg2021.com

March 22-24

ACSC | Genomics of Rare Diseases. Virtual Conference. Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK. Information: website: https://coursesandconferences.wellcomegenomecampus.org

April 15-17

ESC Preventive Cardiology 2021. Virtual Edition. Information: website: https://www.escardio.org/Congresses-&-Events

May 15-18

Heart failure 2021. Virtual edition. Information: website: https://www.escardio.org/Congresses-&-Events

May 21-24

European MTM-CNM Family Conference, Bad Nauheim, Germany. Information: website: https://ern-euro-nmd.eu/event/european-mtm-cnm-family-conference

May 21-29 

16th International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases, Valencia, Spain. Information: website: www.icnmd.org

June 12-15

The European Human Genetics Conference. Glasgow, United Kingdom. Information. website: https://eshg.org

June 19-22

7th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN), Vienna, Austria. Information: website: www.ean.org 

July 20-22

12th Annual Congress of Cardiology-2021 (ICC-2021), Lisbon, Portugal. Information: website: www.bitcongress.com

September 20-24

International Course and Conference on Neuromuscular Imaging 2021, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Information: website: https://iccnmi2021.com

September 20-24

26th Congress of World Muscle Society. Virtual Meeting. Information: website: https://www.wms2021.com

October 3-7

XXV World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2021), Rome, Italy. Information: website: https://wfneurology.org/world-congress-of-neurology-2021

October 19-23

ASHG Annual Meeting. Montreal, Canada. Information: website: www.ashg.org


February 13-17

International Conference on Human Genetics. Cape Town, South Africa. Information: website: www.ichg2022.com

April 28-May 2

14th European Paediatric Neurology Society Congress, Glasgow, UK. Information: website: www.epns.org

October 10-15

27th Congress of World Muscle Society. Halifax, Canada. Information: website: https://worldmusclesociety.org

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