Core myopathies – a short review

Haluk Topaloglu

Yeditepe University Department of Pediatrics, İstanbul, Turkey

Congenital myopathies represent a clinically and genetically heterogeneous group of early-onset neuromuscular diseases with characteristic, but not always specific, histopathological features, often presenting with stable and/or slowly progressive truncal and proximal weakness. It is often not possible to have a diagnosis on clinical ground alone. Additional extraocular, respiratory, distal involvement, scoliosis, and distal laxity may provide clues. The “core myopathies” collectively represent the most common form of congenital myopathies, and the name pathologically corresponds to histochemical appearance of focally reduced oxidative enzyme activity and myofibrillar changes on ultrastructural studies. Because of the clinical, pathological, and molecular overlaps, central core disease and multiminicore disease will be discussed together. 

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