August 30 – September 2

National LGMD Conference 2019, Chicago, USA. Information: https://nationallimbgirdlemusculardystrophyconference.com

August 31- September 4

ESC Congress 2019 together with World Congress of Cardiology. Paris, France. Information: website: https://escardio.org

September 2-5

9th UK Nuclear Envelope and Chromatin Organization Meeting – 3rd International Meeting on Laminopathies. London, UK. Information: website: https://www.laminopathiesmeeting2017.com

September 13-14

The Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Information: https://www.myotonic.orgЁ2019-myotonic-annual-conference

September 20-22

Muscle Study Group Annual Scientific Meeting, Snowbird, UT, USA. Information: website: https://musclestudygroup.org 

September 23-25

2nd Annual NMD Summit 2019 | Neuromuscular Drug Development, Boston, MA, USA. Information: website: https://nmd-summit.com

October 1-5

24th Congress of World Muscle Society. Copenhagen, Denmark. Information: website: https://www.worldmusclesociety.org

October 12-15

50th  Congress of Italian Society of Neurology, Bologna, Italy. Information: website: http://www.neuro.it

October 15-19

2919 ASHG Annual Meeting. Houston, TX, USA. Information: website: www.ashg.org

October 16-19

American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Austin, TX, USA.

Information: website: https://www.aanem.org

October 24-27

Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society (APHRS). Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld. Bangkok, Thailand. Information: website: https://www.aphrs.org

October 28-30

20th Italian Telethon Convention. Riva del Garda, Italy. Information: website: https://www.telethon.it

October 29-30

TREAT-NMD SMA Expert Masterclass. London, UK. Information: website: https://treat-nmd.org 

November 13-15

3rd International Conference on Genomic Medicine (GeneMed-2019), Baltimore, USA. 

Information: website: http://unitedscientificgroup.com/ conferences/genemed

November 15-16

The Action Duchenne International 2019 conference, Hinckley Island, Birmingham, UK. Information: website: https://www.actionduchenne.org

November 28 – November 30

XLIV National Congress of Pediatric Neurology Naples, Italy. Information: website: www.neurologiapediatrica.it

November 29 

Metabolic Myopathies. Meeting in Memory of Stefano di Donato. Milan, Italy. Information: First Class S.r.l. Meetings and Conferences; elettra.marchegiani@fclassevents.com

December 9-11

6th TREAT-NMD International Conference. Leiden, The Netherlands. Information: website: www.treat-nmd-cnference.org


February 5-7

2nd International Scientific & Clinical Congress on Spinal Muscular Atrophy. SMA Europe – Evry, France. Information: website: https://evry2020.sma-europe.eu

March 11-14

8th Dysferlin conference, Jain Foundation. Orlando, Florida, USA. Information: website: 


March 16-17

International Conference on Orphan Drugs & Rare Diseases. Berlin, Germany. Information: website:


April 25 – May 1

72nd Annual Meeting American Academy of Neurology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Information: website: https://www.aan.com

June 3-6

XX Congresso Nazionale AIM Giugno 2020. Matera, Italy. Information: website: https://www.miologia.org

June 6-9

The European Human Genetics Conference. Berlin, Germany. Information: website: https:// www.eshg.org

July 6-9

New directions in Biology and Disease of Skeletal Muscle Conference, New York, NY, USA. 

Information: website: https://myology.institute.ufl.edu/conferences/new-directions

September 25-29

Muscle Study Group Annual Scientific Meeting, Washington, USA. Information: website: https://musclestudygroup.org/events/2020-annual-meeting

September 30 – October 4

25th Congress of World Muscle Society. Halifax, Toronto, Canada. Information: website: www.worldmusclesociety.org

October 27-31

ASHG Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA, USA. Information: website: www.ashg.org


June 12-15

The European Human Genetics Conference. Glasgow, United Kingdom. Information: website: https:// www.eshg.org

September 21-25

26th Congress of World Muscle Society. Prague, Czech Republic. Information: website: www.worldmusclesociety.org

October 19-23

ASHG Annual Meeting. Montreal, Canada. Information: website: www.ashg.org

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