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The XIX Congress of the Italian Association of Myology (AIM) was held in Bergamo from 5 to 8 June 2019; the event saw eighty speakers alternate on stage in front of a group of 189 participants.

The congress was preceded by a satellite Symposium the 5 June, organized by Prof. D’Antona of the “Voghera Sports Medicine Center” of the University of Pavia, Italy, and by Dr. Angela Berardinelli, of the “Neurological Institute Casimiro Mondino” of Pavia, Italy. The Symposium entitled: “Physical exercise: pros and cons of taking care of myopathic patients”, saw the presence of more than 100 participants, who attended the reports held by international experts of the highest level, including Prof. Vissing, (President of the upcoming 24th International Annual Congress of the World Muscle Society in Copenhagen), who illustrated data from basic research and clinical experience, pros and against physical activity as part of the process of taking care of patients with neuromuscular disease.

Immediately after the Symposium, work continued in Bergamo, “CittИ Alta”, where, in the scenic “Aula Magna” of the University of Bergamo, Prof. Carlo Minetti – President of AIM – and Dr. Angela Berardinelli – President of the Congress – opened the AIM Conference. On the same day of June 5, a round table was also held open to Patient Associations. 

The second day the Congress moved to the Social Theatre, with a rich program of contributions. Also this year various aspects of hereditary and acquired diseases of muscles and of neuromuscular junction were discussed, in line with the most recent and updated data of the scientific literature. In particular, Prof. Bjarne Udd from Helsinki reported on “Titin Role in NMDs: overview and new phenotypes”. In the third day of the Congress Prof. Toscano reported on the results of the “Neuromuscular Days 2019”, held in last March; Dr. Adele D’Amico (AIM) and Dr. Anna Ambrosini for Telethon Foundation, Italy. Prof. Gabriele Siciliano and Prof. Alessandra Ferlini reported on ERNs of interest for neuromuscular field. A prominent guest from Copenhagen, Prof. John Vissing, spoke about “MRI in muscle disorders”.

The last day was an occasion to celebrate the Prizes for the best contributions and the farewell to Matera site of the next XX National Congress. Young researchers were honoured for their contributions. The “Giovanni Nigro” award was assigned to dr. A. Genazzani from Vercelli, while the AIM award was conferred to Dr. M. Sframeli from Messina. Doctors M.S. Falzarano from Ferrara and S. Baratto from Genoa were the winners of the Poster prizes. In conclusion, the exciting “passing the bell” between Dr. Angela Berardinelli, President of the Congress of Bergamo and Dr. Pietro Masciandaro, President of the next AIM National Congress to be held in Matera in June 2020. (Information from the Association’s Secretariat)


The 14th Meeting of the Mediterranean Society of Myology (MSM) will probably be held in 2020 in Sicily, organised by prof. Antonio Toscano.


The 24th annual congress of the World Muscle Society will be held in Copenhagen from 1st to 5th October, in the old Tivoli Garden Concert Hall and adjoining buildings. Join WMS for the networking reception to be held on Tuesday 1st October in the theatre, Det Ny Teater, located a 5-minute walk from Tivoli gardens. This will follow the long tradition of WMS to facilitate networking and catch up on the latest developments in myology around the world during this 4-day meeting.

As usual, the meeting will be preceded by a teaching course, which will be held in Copenhagen on September 30th and October 1st 2019. 

The Copenhagen Neuromuscular Center at the National Hospital, Rigshospitalet, led by John Vissing, will host and organise this meeting. The main thematic topics that will be addressed in the plenary sessions will be: 

1. Metabolic disturbances in neuromuscular diseases 

2. Extra-muscular manifestations in neuromuscular diseases 

3. Advances in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders

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