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The XIX congress of the Italian Association of Myology will be held in Bergamo from 5 to 8 June 2019, organised by dr. Angela Berardinelli. 

The Congress will be preceded by a satellite Symposium entitled: Physical exercise: pros and cons for taking care of myopathic patients. Both final programs can be found at pages 54 and 59 of the present issue.


The 14th Meeting of the Mediterranean Society of Myology (MSM) will be held in 2020. The date and location will be established shortly.


The 24th annual congress of the World Muscle Society will be held in Copenhagen, in the old Tivoli Garden Concert Hall and adjoining buildings. Join WMS for the networking reception to be held on Tuesday 1st October in the theatre, Det Ny Teater, located a 5-minute walk from Tivoli gardens. This will follow the long tradition of WMS to facilitate networking and catch up on the latest developments in myology around the world during this 4-day meeting.

As usual, the meeting will be preceded by a teaching course, which will be held in Copenhagen on September 30th and October 1st 2019. 

The Copenhagen Neuromuscular Center at the National Hospital, Rigshospitalet, led by John Vissing, will host and organise this meeting. The main thematic topics that will be addressed in the plenary sessions will be: 

1. Metabolic disturbances in neuromuscular diseases;

2. Extra-muscular manifestations in neuromuscular diseases;

3. Advances in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders;

Early bird registration is before Wednesday 8th May 2019 (midnight GMT). 

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