Forthcoming meetings

Volume XLI, n. 1 March 2022

Forthcoming meetings


Publication Date: 2022-03-31


March 11-13
260th ENMC Workshop: Congenital Myasthenic syndromes. Information: website:
March 25-27
258th ENMC Workshop: Leigh syndrome. Information: website:
April 28-May 02
14th European Paediatric Neurology Society Congress, Glasgow, UK. Information: website:
May 13-15
263rd ENMC Workshop: Focus on female carriers of dystrophinopathy: refining recommendations for prevention, diagnosis, surveillance and treatment. Information: website:
June 10-12
257th ENMC Workshop: The 3rd ENMC workshop on Dystroglycan and the Dystroglycanopathies. Information: website:
June 15-17
TREAT-NMD Conference 2022. Vancouver Convention Centre 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3, Canada. Information: website: https://treat-nmd-
June 17-19
261st ENMC Workshop. Management of safety issues arising following AAV gene therapy. Information: website:
June 24-26
253rd ENMC workshop. Skeletal muscle laminopathies – natural history and clinical trial readiness. Information: website:
June 25-28
8th EAN Congress. Vienna, Austria. Information: website:
September 13-15
7th Congress of Myology. Nice Acropolis, France. Information: website: Institut de Myologie https://www.
September 15-17
Mitochondrial Medicine Meeting. Nice Acropolis, France. Information: website: Institut de Myologie https://www.
October 11-15
27th Congress of World Muscle Society. Halifax, Canada. Information: website:

January 9-11
12th World Gene Convention. Sapporo, Japan. Information: website: WGC2023
July 1-4
9th EAN Congress. Budapest, Hungary. Information: website:
October 3-7
28th Congress of World Muscle Society. Charleston, USA. Information: website:

June 29 - July 2
10th EAN Congress. Helsinki, Finland. Information: website:
October 8-12
29th Congress of World Muscle Society. Prague, Czech Republic. Information: website: https://

October 7-11
30th Congress of World Muscle Society. Vienna, Austria. Information: website:
July 5-9
17th International Congress on NeuroMuscular Diseases (ICNMD). Brussel, Belgio. Information: website: www.



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