Forthcoming meetings

Volume XLII, n. 1 - March 2023

Forthcoming meetings


Publication Date: 2022-03-31



March 24-26

ESC Acute CardioVascular Care 2023. Marseille, France.

Information: website:

March 30-31

5th International Congress on Controversies in Fibromyalgia (Fibromyalgia2023). Vienna,

Austria. Information: website:

April 20-22

Sorrento breathing. Update and new trends on respiratory medicine. 13rd Edition. Information:

website: www.

April 16-18

EHRA Congress- European Society of Cardiology. Barcelona, Spain. Information: website:

April 20-21

The 3rd International Conference on Lysosomal Diseases. London, UK. Information: website:

April 22-28

75th AAN Annual Meeting. Boston, MA. USA. Information: website:

May 9-12

4th International Meeting on Laminopathies, Madrid, Spain. Information: website: https://

May 10-12

EACVI 2023. Barcelona, Spain. Information: website:


May 20-23

Heart Failure 2023 and World Congress on Acute Heart Failure. Prague, Czech Republic.

Information: website:

May 25-26

International Conference on Neuroscience and Neurology, Tokyo, Japan. Information: website:

May 26-27

2nd International Webinar on European Healthcare & Hospital Management. Virtual (Online

Meeting). Information: website:

June 8-10

23rd National Congress of the Italian Association of Myology. Padua, Italy. Information:;

July 1-4

9th EAN Congress. Budapest, Hungary. Information: website:

July 10-11

11th World Congress on Human Genetics and Genetic Diseases. Dubai, UAE. Information:


July 17-19

7th Annual World Congress of Orthopaedics. Lisbon, Portugal. Information:


August 25-28

ESC Congress 2023. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Information:


September 13-14

International Conference and Expo on Heart and Cardio Care. Rome, Italy.

Information: website:

October 3-7

28th Congress of World Muscle Society. Charleston, South Carolina,

USA. Information: website:

October 09-11

International Congress on Genetics and Genomics. Dubai, UAE. Information:


November 2-4

4th ENMD (e-Health and Innovation to Overcome Barriers in Neuromuscular

Diseases conference ) Congress. Munich, Germany. Information:



April 13-19

76th AAN Annual Meeting. Denver, CO. USA. Information: website:

June 29-July 2

10th EAN Congress. Helsinki, Finland. Information: website:

October 8-12

29th Congress of World Muscle Society. Prague, Czech Republic. Information:



April 5-11

77th AAN Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA. USA. Information: website:

October 7-11

30th Congress of World Muscle Society. Vienna, Austria. Information:




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