Forthcoming meetings

Volume XLII, n. 4 - December 2023

Forthcoming meetings


Publication Date: 2023-12-31



October 3-7

28th Congress of World Muscle Society. Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

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October 09-11

International Congress on Genetics and Genomics. Dubai, UAE.

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October 20-21

International Non Invasive Ventilation Conference. 5th Edition. Pompei, Naples, Italy.

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October 21-24

LIII Congress of the Italian Society of Neurology. Naples, Italy.

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October 27-29

International LGMD Conference. Washington, DC.

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October 30-November 2

World Orphan Drug Congress Europe. Barcelona, Spain.

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November 1-5

ASHG Annual Meeting. Washington, DC.

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November 2-4

4th ENMD (e-Health and Innovation to Overcome Barriers in Neuromuscular Diseases conference) Congress. Munich, Germany.

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November 5-7

MYO MRI+ Conference | Imaging in Neuromuscular Disease. Berlin, Germany.

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November 11-13

AHA’s Scientific Sessions. Philadelphia, PA. USA.

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November 17-18

1st Pisa Muscle Award and 2nd Symposium of the Italian FSHD group. Pisa, Italy.



February 27-March 2

2024 Padua Days on Muscle and Mobility Medicine (2024 Pdm3). Thermae of Euganean Hills, Padua (Italy).

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March 14-16

4th International Congress on Spinal Muscular Atrophy. ICC Ghent, Belgium.

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April 9-13

IDMC-14: International Myotonic Dystrophy Consortium. Nijmegen, NL.  Information: website:

April 12-14

Frontiers in CardioVascular Biomedicine 2024. Amsterdam, NL.

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April 13-18

76th AAN Annual Meeting. Denver, CO. USA.

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May 11-14

Heart Failure 2024. Lisbon, Portugal.

Information: website:

May 23-26

CureDuchenne FUTURES National Conference. Orlando, FL.

Information: website:

June 1-4

The European Human Genetics Conference. Berlin, Germany.

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June 27-30

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy annual Conference. Orlando, FL. Information: website:

June 29-July 2

10th EAN Congress. Helsinki, Finland.

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September 14-17

149th Annual Meeting of the American Neurological Association.

Orlando, FL. USA.

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October 8-12

29th Congress of World Muscle Society. Prague, Czechia.

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October 25-29

18th International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases. Perth, AU. Information: website:

November 5-9

ASHG Annual Meeting. Denver, CO.

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November 16-18

AHA’s Scientific Sessions. Chicago, IL. USA.

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April 5-11

77th AAN Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA. USA.

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May 24-27

The European Human Genetics Conference. Milan, Italy.

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September 13-16

150th Annual Meeting of the American Neurological Association.
Baltimore, MD. USA.

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October 7-11

30th Congress of World Muscle Society. Vienna, Austria.

Information: website:

October 14-18

ASHG Annual Meeting. Boston, MA.

Information: website:

November Date to be announced

5th Congress of E-NMD. Taormina, Italy.

Information: website:;


June 13-16

The European Human Genetics Conference. Gothenburg, Sweden. Information: website:

September 29-October 3

31st Congress of World Muscle Society. Hiroshima, Japan.

Information: website:

October 20-24

ASHG Annual Meeting. Montreal, CA.

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