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Volume XLIII, n. 1 - March 2024

News from around the world


Publication Date: 2024-03-28




The activity carried out by the Association in the first trimester of 2024 was very intense in terms of educational activities, with the organization of the event on “Congenital myopathies” held in Rome, on January 19 at the Bambin Gesù Hospital. The sessions of this event were recorded and are now available on the AIM platform:

AIM also participated and supported the organization of two other important events: “SMA Stories Project”, which was held in Padua on January 26th, and the XXI International Conference on Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy”, organized by Duchenne Parent Project, held in Rome on 16-18 February, 2024.

Also noteworthy is the intense activity of the study groups, such as that of myasthenia and that of the “AIM Youth Project”, held last March 21st, which demonstrates the great interest of the Association towards young doctors and researchers who approach to Neuromuscular Diseases.

The board of directors and all AIM members have also been very active in the organization of the Association’s annual conference, and of the “Neuro-Muscular Diseases Day” which will held on next April 13th and will involve 19 Italian centers of excellence.

The XXIV Congress of the Italian Association of Myology will take place in Rome, from 5 to 8 June 2024.

Further information is available at the Association website:, The preliminary program is available on page 31.


The Association of the Italian Network of Laminopathies (ANIL) was established as a legal entity in Bologna on July 14, 2023, with the aim to promote biomedical and clinical research on Laminopathies.

The Association is open to all those who want to share its perspectives, statute and regulations. The XXVIII Congress of the Network will be in Bologna, next 12 April 2024.

Further information is available at the Association website:



The 5th eNMD conference in E-health & innovation to Overcome Barriers in Neuromuscular Diseases will be held in Taormina, Italy, in November 2025.


The 14th Meeting of the Mediterranean Society of Myology (MSM) will take place in 2025. Proposals to organize and host the event are welcome.


The 29th International Annual Congress of the World Muscle Society will be held in Prague (Czechia), from 8 to 12 October 2024.

The conference will, once again, be a hybrid event, offering the flexibility of virtual participation, but personal attendance is encouraged to maximize the benefits of networking and scientific exchange. Both oral presentations and e-posters will be available via the platform and app for delegates who wish to participate virtually. The main thematic topics of this congress focused on acquired myopathies and are:

Topic 1 - Acquired muscle disorders

Topic 2 - Neuromuscular disorders around the world

Topic 3 - RNA in NMD: clinical insights, pathomechanisms and treatments

Each day a plenary session will be dedicated to the selected topics. Speakers will summarise the state of the field on the selected topics, covering clinical, molecular and other aspects.

Further information is available at the WMS website:



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