Respiratory failure still represents an important challenge from a clinical and management point of view due to the continuous changes, sometimes rapid and irreversible, and for the right treatment in the right times.

Continuous discussion and continuous research have made it possible to find trained and ready staff during the COVID19 pandemic. However, there is still something to be done to optimize the technological process aimed at patient health, trying to reduce invasive approaches, and preferring high-level non-invasive systems.

With this objective in mind, we organized the Fifth conference on non-invasive mechanical ventilation in Pompei in October 2023, which saw the participation of the best experts in the field, with talks ranging from physiology to the various pathologic conditions. 

The articles included in this special issue cover a wide range of aspects of non-invasive mechanical ventilation in inherited neuro-muscular disorders, and provide innovative insights, which can help clinicians to make the best choice for each individual patient. 

In particular, our group1 present the key clinical skills for the best outcome of non-invasive ventilation in neuromuscular diseases. Singer et al.2 discuss the role of the nutrition in non-invasive ventilated patients. Andersen et al.3 provide practical recommendations for swallowing and speaking during non-invasive ventilation. De Candia et al.4 propose a concise review on the end of life and palliative care in these conditions, and finally Banfi et al.5 give an overview of the role of non-invasive ventilation in enhancing the respiratory function in people with neuromuscular disorders. 

The articles also highlight how keeping in mind the potential aptitudes of each individual is as important as arriving at a correct diagnosis in order to propose timely personalized therapies.


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Anna Annunziata - Unit of Respiratory Pathophysiology, Monaldi-Cotugno Hospital, Naples, Italy

Giuseppe Fiorentino - Unit of Respiratory Pathophysiology, Monaldi-Cotugno Hospital, Naples, Italy

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